Hi, we are a new start up female football team called Clapham Queens founded by Stephanie Collingwood. We are a London based team with an age range of 20+ and older. Our aim is to have monthly flexible meet ups, we are currently planning on two Saturdays a month. We started this to keep fit playing some friendly football, a lot of us either used to play and need to build our skills back up and some have played football more frequently. The initial idea is to get us trained up and back to the basics but with the potential to start playing some friendlies with other local women’s teams at an amateur level and then go from there. We are looking for a coach who wouldn’t mind volunteering a couple Saturdays or Sundays a month to train us up and we are happy to accommodate any travel costs. We need someone who is kind and friendly but also tough to get us training hard, the team is a mixture of early twenties to 30 but we are all willing to put in the work. If this sounds like something you may be interested in please let us know.

Key Responsibilities

Coaching, Encouraging, Leading

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