Welcome to the premium job platform for grassroots sports coaches

Our mission: To improve and expand the links between coaches and club. We are looking to provide an easy, simple and time-saving platform that allows users to search for exactly the right coach to fill a position, or find the perfect next job opportunity to develop and test yourself in a new role.

The “ultimate” goal of The Coaches Link is to find fantastic, dedicated and qualified coaches the work and opportunities they need, in the great clubs that are able to provide the necessary platform for young players to play, learn and enjoy sport. By also providing a successful and simple search tool, we can assist in advertising exciting job roles for clubs and encourage them to hire and employ the most suited coach for the needs of their club. Therefore, we hope that the links we are able to form will continue, alongside the great work associations and governing bodies continue to do, to improve the standard of coaching at a grassroots level and subsequently raise the quality, fitness and enjoyment of players at all level of all sports.

We found, that having spent thankless and unsuccessful hours sifting through other platforms trying to find that one ideal candidate with the necessary qualifications, we were often left empty handed. It was often the case that we were inundated with 100s of applicants, only adding to the daunting task of selecting that perfect person for the role. When running a grassroots club, or being a grassroots coach, this is time poorly spent.

Thus, The Coaches Link was born.

Our creators have vast experience at all levels of the game. At grassroots, they coached and run clubs for over 20 years, where employing coaches and staff was a repetitive task. Over the last decade they have coached at category level 1 academy football, and experienced the high demands and development that those jobs entail. Building on this experience we wanted to build a simple, easy, effective search tool for coaching jobs and coaches, where users can filter out the jobs/coaches that do not fit their exact criteria.

Coaches. We wanted to develop a “Profile” that is more than just a CV and a Covering Letter. This is a chance to build YOUR profile, a reflection of you. Showcase to the clubs looking for YOU by adding photos, add videos (this might be you delivering a session, or may even be your covering letter!), take pride in your qualifications and experience(s) and show-off to your potential next employer!

Clubs and teams. We knew it was important to make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect coach, or for that ideal coach to find you. By asking you to answers the questions that matter, and by building job posts that allow you to ask those important questions, we will save you time searching endlessly, and find the best coaches for the job….fast!

Thank you for visiting the site, please have fun exploring what is on offer and we trust that The Coaches Link will find exactly the right job or coach for you!