• A proactive approach to coaching and developing young players.
  • Understanding M.R.F.A.'s business as a whole and the challenges it faces.
  • Confident in developing strong relationships with parents and teachers/schools and promoting M.R.F.A.'s business.
  • Recognising and analysing players' strengths and weaknesses and be able to write high-level player reports with goal-sets for individual players.

Key Responsibilities

Coaching/on the field duties

  • Coach a group at Development Centres
  • Support at Academy sessions, when required
  • Coach at a Holiday Course at one of M.R.F.A.'s locations
  • Run & promote holiday courses
  • Lead P.E. lessons and school clubs
  • Run/lead birthday parties if required
  • Run/host fixtures, when required
  • Run/host events/festivals when required

Documents, reports and administrative tasks

  • Liaise directly and build relationships with all schools we work in on all activity
  • Write player reports and goal set for individual players for Development Group players
  • Plan Development Group sessions, using Sports Session Planner, and P.E. lessons
  • Proactively come up with new ways to promote M.R.F.A. through social media and other platforms
  • Implement and ensure M.R.F.A.'s syllabus and curriculum is adhered to
  • Support in the development of curriculums for all forms of M.R.F.A.

Desired Requirements


  • Ambitious and proactive in personal development
  • Excellent communication – written and verbal
  • Ability to work to deadlines and deliver under pressure
  • Able to manage time to an excellent standard
  • Minimum Level Two football coaching
  • Working towards UEFA B license
  • Four years+ experience in coaching
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