Club Name

St Lawrence School of football


North London

About the Club


To provide quality coaching for children, young people and adults of different ethnic, social and economic backgrounds in an environment that promotes positivity, personal wellbeing, team work and lifelong skills.

Four pillars of our vision of a great football club:

Safe and Supportive Environment

A supportive environment that encourages coach and player development with an inspiring excellence mentality, to maximise opportunity.

High Quality Coaching

Ensure all sessions are focused on a players physical, tactical and technical abilities, with drills, practices and GFU’s replicating realistic game challenges.

Character Development

To help players develop characteristics that support their footballing ability as well as creating thoughtful citizens who make reflective choices throughout their personal lives.

Strong Discipline

Respect, purpose and order are established through the consistent application of high expectations and the explicit reinforcement of self-discipline.