Club Name

Edmonton Rovers

About the Club

Edmonton Rovers are an adult mens Sunday League Club currently playing with just the one team in the second-from-bottom division of the 8-division Barnet Sunday League in North London.

We were founded in 1976 as a group of 15-17 year-olds at Edmonton County School with then 17-year-old Laurence Hughes being appointed Chairman & Club Secretary, which are positions he has continued in ever since. The club was run back then by the players themselves with no parents/adults involved.
In Season 1979-1980 we won Division 8 in the adults Edmonton Sunday League when the majority of our players were aged between 18-20 and we have had sporadic periods of success in adult mens Sunday League football ever since.
Our Club History can be found on our website at and an extensive Archive section giving full details of all 47 seasons so far can be found at

In 1985 we first started filming bits and pieces of our matches with club members on the touchline taking it in turns to hold the (shoulder-mounted) camera, but then in 1990, Club Chairman & Secretary Laurence Hughes started working as a professional cameraman and has subsequently voluntarily filmed almost every Edmonton Rovers match properly since then, with highlights of each match filmed since 2008 being uploaded to You Tube.
These can all be found on Laurence Hughes’s hughesvideo You Tube channel or by using the Archive section on the Edmonton Rovers website.
The match footage is also used for performance analysis with players given private access to the whole match footage.
Our match filming history can be found on our club website at

For the start of Season 2021-2022, we decided to re-group with a completely new set of players aged 16-17, some of whom were the sons, grandsons or nephews of former players and Committee members. We voluntarily went down from Division One to Division Five in order to do that so that we could still play in adults football. The players enjoyed this experience enormously, despite finishing bottom of the table in the first season and second-from-bottom last season (in 2022-2023).
For the coming 2023-2024 Season, the large majority of our players will be 18 turning 19 and with several very good new signings joining, we will be more than capable of winning the Division 5 title, exactly mirroring what we achieved way back in 1979-1980.
That is certainly the aim, even though we have unfortunately lost our Home pitch at a private ground and will now be playing on a Council pitch at Enfield Playing Fields.

We also require a Team Manager/Head Coach in a voluntary role for the new season as our previous incumbent(s) have had to quit due to work & family commitments, but the club is in a good place otherwise with no administrative or financial problems.
This role is ideal for a young Coach doing their badges as they will have quality match video footage to be able to utilise and also a highly promising group of young players who will be very receptive to modern ways of playing the game.