UCL Women’s Football Club (UCLWFC) is currently looking for a new committed coach for our 3rd Team, consisting of our least experienced members who are driven and motivated to become stronger players.

About Us:
UCLWFC is one of the largest university women’s football club in the UK with 4 teams and over 100 members. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide football opportunities to students of all experience levels, fostering an inclusive environment.

Our 3rd Team is composed of members that are newest to football. They compete in the LUSL league showing continuous improvement and passion for the sport. For this upcoming season, their main objective is to perform at such a level within the LUSL league that they can go on to compete in the BUCS league.

Our season starts in October and ends in late March, with weekly training sessions on Thursday evenings (7 to 9 pm) near White City, London. The LUSL matches usually take place on Sunday afternoons.

Coach Qualifications:
We are looking for a qualified football coach that can lead the 21 training sessions of the season, as well as attend the 3rd Team’s LUSL matches.

Required Qualifications:
-       Have a minimum FA Level 1 qualification in coaching football (or equivalent)
-       Valid FA First Aid certificate
-       Relevant work experience

Preferred Qualifications:
-       Good interpersonal communication skills
-       Dependability and adaptability

Rate of Pay:
£10 an hour (applying to trainings and matches)

Training Location:
White City, London

Start Date:
October, 2023

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